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[BLOG POST]Dotfile stuff2021-04-07T22:11:14.277Z6.94 KBannotations on my dotfiles
[BLOG POST]Tech status update2021-04-07T20:41:17.360Z1.16 KBSwitched blogs again, etc.
[BLOG POST]Browser autofill snooping on facebook.com2018-12-11T13:46:37.582Z1.9 KB 
[BLOG POST]Building blogs is easier than actually writing posts2018-12-10T15:57:28.047Z1.92 KB 
[BLOG POST]It's kind of a big data: IRS tax-exempt data and Detroit Ledger2017-03-04T03:45:48.000Z4.76 KB 
[BLOG POST]Getting deeper into Reactland: using Redux and GraphQL in a read/write app with user login2017-02-12T23:28:18.000Z5.44 KB 
[BLOG POST]Avoiding redundant joins in SQL ORMs2015-06-24T19:38:40.000Z3.5 KB 
[BLOG POST]Batman-adv intro for Digital Stewards2015-03-13T02:48:32.000Z596 B 
[BLOG POST]Public key2015-03-04T00:48:31.000Z2.73 KB 
[BLOG POST]Long-distance relationships: hotter mesh2015-02-17T20:29:00.000Z4.1 KB 
[BLOG POST]Trackpoint keyboards2014-03-13T20:47:15.000Z1.88 KB 
[BLOG POST]Minimal-ish Drupal hosting with Docker2014-02-08T23:03:48.000Z2.38 KB 
[BLOG POST]Joining Citizen Audit records with Detroit Ledger2014-02-03T18:55:29.000Z3.76 KB 
[BLOG POST]Detroit Ledger at #awesummit2013-10-21T01:13:57.000Z1.06 KB 
[BLOG POST]New blog2013-10-15T16:03:33.000Z987 B 
[BLOG POST]Exploring meshaging2012-11-09T19:12:46.000Z7.62 KB 
[BLOG POST]Loving, Graceful Machines to Watch Your Chickens With2012-01-09T02:51:24.000Z9.85 KB 
[BLOG POST]ISPconfig and chiliproject2011-10-11T23:07:41.000Z803 B 
[BLOG POST]Pulling copper through Spaulding Court2011-08-02T15:20:55.000Z4.38 KB 
[BLOG POST]ssh agent forwarding protip2011-06-19T15:47:14.000Z1.11 KB 
[BLOG POST]Researching text message community alert systems2011-04-20T16:18:39.000Z4.41 KB 
[BLOG POST]Springtime meshes2011-04-05T23:19:30.000Z4.22 KB 
[BLOG POST]Magento dev notes: conflicting extensions2011-03-01T13:48:59.000Z2.25 KB 
[BLOG POST]bicyclists and North Corktown2011-02-13T21:46:56.000Z7.21 KB 
[BLOG POST]Garden sensors: crow's nest chicken coop thermometer2010-11-19T05:25:52.000Z7.8 KB 
[BLOG POST]Vote for FACT Social Justice Challenge projects!2010-10-12T13:50:32.000Z2.04 KB 
[BLOG POST]Detroit digital justice-related netsquared/FACT grant ideas2010-10-05T15:45:35.000Z1.16 KB 
[BLOG POST]Staging magento sites: multiple sites running APC == broken2010-09-02T15:42:33.000Z2.53 KB 
[BLOG POST]Stolen bike2010-08-25T17:53:05.000Z1.26 KB 
[BLOG POST]Late summer updates: leaves, chicken races, hacker spaces, garden sensors2010-08-23T03:14:56.000Z6.98 KB 
[BLOG POST]GSM hijacking + VoIP + community wifi2010-08-02T01:10:36.000Z1.11 KB 
[BLOG POST]Lyme disease2010-08-01T04:17:04.000Z2.46 KB 
[BLOG POST]Typesetting the web2010-07-27T02:44:49.000Z1.37 KB 
[BLOG POST]Extensive mesh2010-06-28T13:59:06.000Z6.06 KB 
[BLOG POST]AMC 2010 liveblogging: gleaning tweets with node.js and mysql2010-06-11T16:56:56.000Z3.29 KB 
[BLOG POST]Upcoming DISCOTECH2010-05-19T20:40:46.000Z1.11 KB 
[BLOG POST]hotMesh update2010-04-13T13:15:30.000Z1.29 KB 
[BLOG POST]Detroit mesh networks - pwning our internet infrastructure irrigation pathways2009-12-24T20:50:00.000Z1.66 KB 
[BLOG POST]gis brainstorming2009-12-19T21:57:43.000Z2 KB 
[BLOG POST]DNS resolution and Big Internet2009-12-04T04:12:17.000Z4.15 KB 
[BLOG POST]WE KNOW PINO: a Pino Morroni frame at The Hub2009-12-02T05:26:35.000Z2.01 KB 
[BLOG POST]wordpress / thematic framework filters and actions2009-12-01T01:22:22.000Z1.57 KB 
[BLOG POST]Fun with a rooted G12009-11-29T18:21:06.000Z2.6 KB 
[BLOG POST]All sorts of hack-job IT work goin on2009-11-29T18:16:28.000Z1.91 KB 
[BLOG POST]problems with post-thumb wordpress plugin2009-03-27T23:18:00.000Z582 B 
[BLOG POST]plone problems2009-03-17T02:16:36.000Z735 B 
[BLOG POST]more xen notes2009-03-13T02:17:00.000Z717 B 
[BLOG POST]Debian lenny and Xen 3.2.1 on amd642009-03-11T16:12:38.000Z1.16 KB 
[BLOG POST]moving a plone site from server to server + notes on virtualization2009-02-14T01:36:25.000Z1.4 KB 
[BLOG POST]Plone cachefu headers cause problems with Google Chrome2009-02-03T22:06:22.000Z649 B 
[BLOG POST]ec2 security2008-12-20T19:50:39.000Z1.17 KB 
[BLOG POST]Recent Hub activity2008-12-20T00:28:08.000Z1.03 KB 

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