All sorts of hack-job IT work goin on

November 29, 2009

So I’m Hubbin it up right now.. setting up an office server that will do filesharing at first, and then be an OpenBravo ERP/POS system server down the road.  For those not in the know, OpenBravo is an awesome product for small businesses that need solid point-of-sale software.  It’s done very well with The Hub, and we’ll eventually have two POSes networked via this new server - one for the retail counter and another for doing inventory and possibly to handle sales as well.  I also set up a new wireless router running DD-WRT which will improve network reliability.

Just heard that 510pen will be attending to the Allied Media Conference this year, and they want to help set up a mesh network in Detroit!  They seem to have a nice system figured out.  It’s based on the ROBIN router firmware and this nifty little router that can even run with power-over-ethernet… so much fun!

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