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tl;dr: Drupal Docker container with nginx, php5-fpm, and linked MariaDB

A few years ago, when I first needed to deploy many Drupal sites, I wrote my own nginx / php5-fpm deployment scripts. What a pain that was: handling Drupal’s routes within nginx was a lot of work, and there were always little bugs popping up as projects grew.

I found myself config-stalking some other Drupal sysadmin practitioners: perusio and omega8cc. After getting sick of dancing around multiple levels of config file merges and maintaining my own custom deployment system, I bit the bullet and started using Omega8’s barracuda/octopus Aegir setup. It works quite well in production, but Aegir is heavy and fickle.

While I will probably continue to use Omega8’s stack for most of the production work that I launch via Work Dept, I desire more control for somet other work I’m up to. Some projects need a bit more flexibility than what what the Aegir stack can offer, so I’m beginning to use Docker containers to manage and isolate components. I’ll put it in the Docker index once I generalize things and test a bit more.

For nginx and PHP, I’ve copied some of Omega8’s nginx and php-fpm configuration. I may eventually use perusio’s configuration if it makes sense. For mysql, I’m using tianon/mariadb: this is the “minimal-ish” part… I’m building this project to distribute across servers more easily. Eventually I might try linking the php-fpm pools, as well, so they can be load balanced.

I’ll post an update when I have a good case study of docker dev-staging-live workflow with a Drupal project.

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